We offer clients

Individualized Healthcare Assistance

Why We Do What We Do

We deeply care about our clients, and we want to make their lives easier by assisting them to achieve optimal levels of health, independence, and safety in their homes through high-quality and comprehensive care. Whether they need daily or weekly assistance due to illness, aging, recovery, or rehabilitation, our dedicated caregivers, professional nurses, and therapists will provide individualized services that our clients can trust and thoroughly deserve. Marie and Aloys have a long history of working in the healthcare industry.  As a result, they founded Lotus Care on the premise that each of our clients should be cared for with the same attention, empathy, and compassion we would give to a loved member of our own family.

Marie also has experience working with case managers and social workers in Anoka County. We want to make their job easier so that they can more effectively and efficiently help their clients. So, we make the referral process as smooth as possible and ensure clear communication with case managers.


Our services enable people to stay in their homes and lead higher-quality lives safely.

We partner with referring social workers, case managers, support planners, and care coordinators to provide in-home care to clients across Minnesota.

To refer someone to Lotus Care LLC for services, simply fill out the referral PDF and email it to us at info@lotuscaresllc.com.    

Lotus Care LLC

We are an organization designed to provide home health services, Basic Support, and in-home services in conjunction with professional nursing care, physical and/or speech therapy, occupational therapy, and medical social services. We are driven to provide clients and families with the high-quality and efficient care they deserve.

These services are for individuals qualifying under:

  • All waivers and alternative care programs (DD, CADI, TBI, EW & AC)
  • Medicare
  • Long term insurance
  • Private pay

Our mission is to support and provide each of our clients with quality and individualized healthcare assistance within the comfort of their homes. 

The services Lotus provides include

  • Skilled nursing care
  • Independent Home-based care
  • Rehabilitation services (Physical and/or speech therapy, occupational therapy)
  • Convenience care
  • Employment support

Do you need to refer someone to Lotus Care LLC for services?

Step One: Fill out the referral PDF
Step Two: Send us the form in an email. (info@lotuscaresllc.com)