Independent Home-Based Care

Lotus Care LLC provides independent home-based care, in-home family support, and employment support to improve the lives of our clients. Lotus care ensures clients are paired with their desired staff. Staff is trained per our 245 D license policies and procedures. As needed, additional training is assigned based on our client’s personal care planning tools. 

Providing Independent Home-Based Care Includes

  • Individualized Home Support with Training
  • Transitional Services
  • 24 Hours Emergency Assistance
  • Personal Supports
  • Supported Living Services
  • Individualized Home Supports (IHS)
  • (BI/CAC/CADI waivers)
  • Employment Support

Rehabilitation Services

Lotus Care LLC offers rehabilitation services that support independence by helping people restore skills and functions for daily living. Our dedicated therapists are sent to our clients’ homes or living facilities to provide therapeutic techniques and support. They will diligently assess our clients’ needs and provide the appropriate and individualized services with their expertise. We actively and dynamically consult with other members of our client’s home health care team, including and not limited to nurses, CNA, social workers, and case managers. We are dedicated to work under the direction of the client and the medical professional with the ultimate goal to assist in regaining the highest level of independence on the activities of daily living. 

Our Rehabilitation Services Include

  • Physical Therapy (We provide specialized physical therapy exercises and detailed instructions to help our clients maintain and improve gross motor activities that involve large muscles or group of muscles. This may include a range of services including and not limited to Muscle re-education and strengthening, balance and fall prevention approaches and risk assessment, range-of-motion exercises, Gait and Movement training, Therapeutic Exercise, and Mobility Equipment)
  • Occupational therapy (We enable our clients of all ages to live life to its fullest by promoting health and helping them to prevent or live more independently with injury, illness, or disability through a holistic and person-centered approach. Our therapists are trained to evaluate, identify, and treat limitations associated with upper extremity functions including and not limited to Upper Extremity and Fine Motor Skills Rehabilitation, Neuromuscular Rehabilitation, Cognitive Rehabilitation, Visual/Perception Treatment and Rehabilitation, Orthopedic Rehabilitation, and Adaptive Equipment Evaluation)
  • Speech therapy (Our goal is to improve our clients’ communicative effectiveness, efficiency, and naturalness. Our licensed speech therapists assess, diagnose, and provide skilled treatments to our clients with a variety of medical conditions that affect their speech, language, swallowing or cognition. We develop a comprehensive plan of care designed to restore maximum function and independence in all areas of Verbal expression, cognitive function, and language comprehension.)

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