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Professional Nursing Services

Our professional Nursing Services will care for and assist our clients in their own home. We are dedicated to bringing all the skilled services and equipment they may need into their home. Depending on ta client’s individual needs, there are different types of skilled nursing services a client might receive. An assessment is the best way to find out what services someone requires.

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Independent Caregiver

Independent Home-Based Care

We provide independent home-based care, in-home family support, and employment support to improve the lives of our clients. Lotus care pairs clients with well-suited and well-trained staff. As-needed, additional training is assigned based on our client’s care planning tools. 

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Personal Safety

Convenience Care

Convenience care supports our clients’ independence while living in their own homes by helping them with day-to-day activities, assisting with housekeeping, and monitoring their well-being and safety while in the home. In addition, convenience care is perfect for clients with mobility problems. As a result, the Lotus care professionals can improve their lives and help them remain in their homes longer.

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Non Medical Services


Our healthcare professionals will thoroughly evaluate your health and consider your preferences to develop a care plan that suits your needs. In addition, we will assess your various needs and answer any questions or concerns you may have during the assessment.

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Physical Therapy Assistance

Rehabilitation Services

We offer rehabilitation services that support independence by helping people restore skills and functions for daily living. Our therapists go to our clients’ homes or living facilities to provide therapeutic techniques. Our dedicated therapists will diligently assess our clients’ needs and provide the appropriate service with their expertise. 

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